Road to Recovery Update #2

Searching for better health and answers has been a 20-year endeavor. My NEW road to recovery started in August 2018. I came up with goals when I got started. Here are my second update of goals and updates from October 9th, 2018 (if any). See video below too!

What I’m doing this month (it changes constantly to keep it fresh): I finished my 10 UBI/O3 treatments ending on 9/21/18. I did the Standard Process 28-day Detox Balance during September, I’m now doing the Medical Medium 28-day detox (raw fruits and veggies), MediHerb Turmeric Forte, Adrenal Tonic by MediHerb, D3/K2, Lemon Balm, I’m using up some Sovereign Silver, Dr. Morse GI Broom, occasional community acupuncture, coffee enemas a few times a week, walking, yoga, breathing, working on my chakras and occasional exercise (much less than normal).

See my other blogs on my Intuitive session and Reiki Session which were both very helpful.

I am eating a diet of mostly raw fruits and vegetables with no fermented foods either and very little fat, if any. Before freaking out and telling me I need protein and fat, etc…I know. I wrote a program around a balanced nutrition plan. I am really far into my HEALING and this is what I need. In fact, for years after feeling sick after just about everything I ate, I would say, “what am I supposed to eat, just fruits and raw vegetables?!”. Most of the time during our griping we are answering the hard question we don’t want to hear. So I will be just fine, don’t worry about my protein!

I am enjoying juiced celery most mornings. It does make me bloated, but on the Medical Medium website, it says that is because I have old (decades old) undigested fat and protein in the stomach and digestive tract. Yummy! I have had a hard time with meat for years because I have had chronically low hydrochloric acid (figured that out myself). I thought is was from a poor diet growing up, but it’s the EBV which has made it so bad.

I am still also doing the Medical Medium Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie (I don’t use 2 bananas, just 1 on top and I use and orange or mango instead of the orange juice). My Instagram and #upgradethc shows what I’m eating.

Immune System: The only time I felt a little sick was while sweating excessively during the first half of a Panthers football game when it was 800 million degrees in the sun! I think I have too many toxins floating around and it was too much at once. The week before I sweat excessively during a 2 hour walk on a cloudy day at the beach and I ached for 3 days.

Thyroid: I am usually hypothyroid, but then went hyperthyroid in June. I went off my Nature Thyroid because it was no longer available. When I would try to take Thyrovanz (desiccated bovine instead of porcine), my heart would race telling me it was too much. I stayed off everything for a few months. Interestingly I didn’t die, gain 30 lbs or have to stay in bed all day. I went to my regular doc to get tested and it came back that my TSH was off the charts again at 266 and T4 was low. She doesn’t take any other tests, like T3, which does not help in telling the whole story. My muscles also started to lock up which indicated hypothyroid. It’s extremely painful and scary when it does it, so I started on the Thyrovanz again.

I also asked her to test my Epstein Barr levels which also were off the charts.

Interestingly I got my results in my patient portal 6 days ago and have not heard from her. I’m sure she has not idea what to say to me. I have no interest in being under her care. It’s just easy to walk there for my test. At first the test results put me into a stressful, achy tizzy. I’m not worried about it now, it is a balancing act that could take me years to get right.

 EBV EARLY ANTIGEN AB, IGG      21.4        0.0-8.9  U/mL     Above High Normal         Positive       >10.9                                                                            

EBV AB VCA, IGG              >600.0   0.0-17.9  U/mL     Above High Normal         Positive        >21.9

EBV NUCLEAR ANTIGEN AB, IGG 29.0        0.0-17.9 U/mL   Above High Normal         Positive        >21.9

Organs: A work in progress.

Weight loss: I would like to be about 115. I’ve been at 130 for about 5-6 years now. It has not changed much. I was 127 at the doctor. Something is still holding on.

Skin: No change so far.

Hair and Nails: No change.

Posture: It gets a little better when I do this breathing exercise for my lungs/grief on the blog I write about my first reiki session.

Confidence: No change.

Digestion: I’m very bloated, but I’m taking it as a sign of healing.

Back/Shoulder Pain: A little better since the reiki session. My left side moves a lot more. The chiropractor could adjust my neck which is usually like concrete.

Sigmoid colon/ovary pain: I boasted last time how the pain is gone and so was the PMS. It came back with vengeance! The worst period I ever had (I’ve had it since I was 9 and I’m 46 now). I’m doing a little progesterone cream now hoping that my hormones were just thrown off. It was also a crazy super moon which did not help.

 Left Quadricep Pain: Not too bad.

 Lower back pain on left side: Not too bad.

Nerve Pain: I still get it sometimes, but it seems to be improving. High stress causes it to get worse.

Morning Pain: Not too bad.

Energy/Vitality: I’m still tired. My large muscles fatigue extremely fast.

 Shortness of Breath: Still a problem, but much better since reiki.

 Period: I mentioned above it was the worst ever.

 Sympathetic Nervous System: Still a little jumpy, but not bad.

 Brain Fog and Recall: The same, especially searching for words.

Next: I’m not sure. I think I’ll do the MediHerb protocol again and then rotate other herbs after. I’d like to more reiki. There’s a long list of things I’d like to do…sauna, PEMF, hyperbaric chamber, all kinds of energy work.

 Wishing you lots of health and happiness on your journey!

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Tina Jackson