Road to Recovery Update #3

Searching for better health and answers has been a 20-year endeavor. My NEW road to recovery started in August 2018. I came up with goals when I got started. Here are my third update of goals and updates from November 15th, 2018 (if any). See video below too!

Not too much to report this month…

What I’m doing this month (it changes constantly to keep it fresh): I am having at least 16 oz of celery juice about 5x/week and the Medical Medium Heavy Metal detox smoothie, I drink the Standard process detox shake 1x/day most days. I am very random with my supplements this month: Did a few more rounds of Myrrh and Viranon, MediHerb Turmeric Forte, D3/K2, adrenal desiccated, back on Nature Thyroid (half the dose I used to be on), occasional community acupuncture, walking, yoga, breathing, working on my chakras and occasional exercise (much less than normal).

I am eating a diet of mostly fruits and vegetables. I’ve been eating out more over the past month for work, so I’ve had more nuts and fat than I wanted to be eating. My digestion had improved a lot, but with having nuts, butter, bread two times and wine on my anniversary, I’m no longer improving.

I am enjoying juiced celery most mornings. I have been drinking the celery juice for 6 months, 5 of those I became very bloated after (I mentioned before that on the Medical Medium website, it says that is because I have old (decades old) undigested fat and protein in the stomach and digestive tract). This is something for the long haul, it does so much good so I see it in my life indefinitely.

I am still also doing the Medical Medium Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie (I don’t use 2 bananas, just 1 on top and I use mango instead of the orange juice). As it gets colder outside, I’m not sure if I’ll drink it often over the winter. There’s a supplement I can take to help with the heavy metals called ChelaCo.

Immune System: I’m starting to feel the tinge of sick again like I used to before UBI.

Thyroid: I’m back on Nature Thyroid (half dose). My feet are still cramping. I’m going to add high dose iodine again to see if that helps.

Organs: A work in progress. I no longer wake up in that 1-3 am liver time!

Weight loss: I finally lost a few pounds and a few inches! It’s been years since I’ve lost weight (except when I gained simply by eating more bread and stuff). That means things are moving in the right directions.

Skin: No change so far.

Hair and Nails: No change.

Posture: Same.

Confidence: No change.

Digestion: Not as bloated all of the time!

Back/Shoulder Pain: Still hurts.

Sigmoid colon/ovary pain: Better than last month and much better than previous years. I’ve been using a little progesterone cream (wild yams) which helps.

Lower back pain on left side: Not too bad.

Nerve Pain: I still get it sometimes, but it seems to be improving. High stress causes it to get worse.

Morning Pain: Not too bad. Stomach has started burning again.

Energy/Vitality: I’m still tired. My large muscles fatigue extremely fast.

Shortness of Breath: Still have it.

Period: Better last month than the previous which was horrible (and the month before that was great).

Sympathetic Nervous System: Still a little jumpy, but not bad.

Brain Fog and Recall: The same, especially searching for words.

Next: I’m going to do Sovereign Silver to kill pathogens, some supplements for parasites, I’d like to start zinc and magnesium, get back on lemon balm and iodine. I’d still like to more reiki. There’s a long list of things I’d like to do…sauna, PEMF, hyperbaric chamber, all kinds of energy work.

This journey feels like a few steps forward, one step back. It’s a long road. Don’t give up. I’m not.

Wishing you lots of health and happiness on your journey!

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Tina Jackson