This is my reality...


My body is constantly freaking out. 

You may not expect this from someone who is a health coach, but this is the reason why I started my health journey. Even though living in a state of chronic discomfort/pain has been my life’s story, it has brought me to a much healthier place in the end. 

I do not want you to read this and think I’m complaining or being dramatic. This is my reality and has been. My reality is I have to live a very strict lifestyle to manage and hopefully one day overcome what has been a burden on my body. I am fine with it too. It's strict, but rewarding and makes me feel SO much better! I will never give up looking for a fix. If what I have learned in the meantime helps you, then it was all worth it!

I have searched my entire adult life for a fix, always believing that I was onto the missing link. While some things do help and I am in a better place because of them, I have still not achieved the freedom I’ve been looking for. Freedom from aches, pains, worry, weight, insecurity.

What do I mean by chronic discomfort? It depends what sets it off. There are different aches, pains, levels of fatigue (it used be exhaustion) and mood swings for different types of chemicals and triggers.

It’s safe to say that anything un-natural throws my body into a tizzy.

Anything chemical and artificial is like a punch in the face (perfume, Round-up, cleaning products, the list is endless in the world we live in).

Artificial lights (not incandescent) stress me out. They are everywhere now.

Even some "healthy" foods have this effect on me. (That's why you need to know what works for YOU!).

Why is this?...

Was it the toxic waste dumped near our mountain house in PA? We couldn’t drink the water but showered in it. Did I have my baby bottles filled up with the water before they knew how bad it was?

Was it the toxins that caused the “lump in my throat” at age 4 which eventually led to my pituitary/thyroid not functioning at all (TSH of 365)?

Was it the constant crap food and drink I lived on until my 20’s? Did that deplete me or did it make the previously mentioned worse?

Crap food and drink mixed with a ton of chemicals around the house?

My mom (adoptive) passing away from an autoimmune disease when I was 9? Is that what I have?

Was it because my parents smoked all the time around us?

Is it a chronic virus? Was it made worse by everything mentioned above? Yes, probably

If you are reading this and thinking “that’s me! She understands what I’m going through”, then come over here and get a hug! I do understand! Know that by making lifestyle changes, you can make things better. The important thing is that you start taking the steps to Upgrade Your Life now. Don’t wait!

The more whole food I eat, the more I move, the more I calm my mind, the cleaner and simpler I live, the easier it is to get through the day and enjoy it.

I want to hear from you. If you were suffering and found relief, what was it?