Road to Recovery Update #1

Searching for better health and answers has been a 20-year endeavor. My NEW road to recovery started in August 2018. I came up with goals when I got started. Here are my goals and updates from September 17th (if any). See video below too!

What I’m doing: UBI/O3 treatments (I have had 9, my last one got postponed due to Hurricane Florence), Standard Process 28-day Detox Balance, Enzymes, Adrenal Support, Minerals, D3/K2, Lemon Balm, occasional community acupuncture, coffee enemas a few times a week, walking, yoga, breathing and occasional exercise (much less than normal).

I am eating a strict diet keeping to fruits and vegetables. I did have a week where I indulged in good cheese and ice cream in the beginning. What a crazy thing to do when you are giving your virus/bugs exactly what they want (and spending a lot of money on getting well). I went back on track and have not had any trouble. Once you eat clean a few days, you do not get the cravings and your blood sugar normalizes. I also have juice celery most mornings and do the Medical Medium Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie (I don’t use 2 bananas, 1 at the most). My Instagram and #upgradethc shows what I’m eating.

Immune System: I always felt like I’m on the verge of getting sick. I can feel it in my throat, my glands hurt and my skin hurts. Leading up to my UBI/O3, I was sick for several weeks and on/off for several months, which is not normal for me. I could not shake it. Update: I have not been sick! Once in awhile I get that little tinge like I’m getting sick, but it doesn’t last. Normally I would load up on immune supporting supplements every hour for hours. I have not needed to do that.

Thyroid: I am hypothyroid (if I go off of my Nature Thyroid, my TSH goes up to 365. Communication between my pituitary and thyroid doesn’t seem to exist.). As mentioned in the last blog, my Thyroid improved greatly when I did the MediHerb Stealth Pathogen Protocol. My goiter went down an inch. I became Hyperthyroid, so I reduced my Nature Thyroid. Update: In the past month my thyroid feels better. I could usually feel it in my throat and now it feels at peace. It will be a balancing act figuring out how much desiccated thyroid I need as I mentioned in the last blog. I had trouble with a fluttering heart (hyper) and the crazy cramping/locked muscles (hypo). Right now I am using Thyrovanz which is a bovine desiccated product because Nature Thyroid (porcine) is not available.

Organs: Time will tell with my organs. I am doing a Standard Process detox right now which is helping out my liver. My spleen and thymus should be resting more now that they do not have the virus burden.

Weight loss: I would like to be about 115. I’ve been at 130 for about 5-6 years now. It went up closer to 140 for a few months in 2017 when I went through a stressful move. Update: Scale starts off at 125 in the morning, then I am 128 at night which is me being inflamed and retaining fluids. While I do not want weight loss to be THE goal for people, it does indicate if your body is in balance. The fact that I can not budge the scale (for years) tells me that my body is holding onto to something. I will not weigh myself again for awhile. Measurements have not changed.

Skin: My skin is covered with raised bumps, moles are all over my back and under my boobs (a lymph area), liver spots and cherry hemangiomas. My skin textures like crepe paper. My throat has a ridiculous amount of fat and skin. Update: No change so far.

Hair and Nails: Neither grow. Nails split. Hair is crazy. Update: No change.

Posture: I want to stand taller. I have always had extreme rounded shoulders and forward head. It is much better than when I was young. Update: I am still tired and recovering and therefore still feeling slouchy, so not much has changed.

Confidence: For as well as I eat and as active as I am, I do not feel that reflects the way I look. Certainly feeling so inflamed all the time makes me self conscience too. Update: Confidence is increasing. I now know this was a virus attacking me and my organs and I have been doing the best I can. I am still self conscious about my neck. I am very confident about my knowledge and how I can help others.

Digestion: My gut has always been a mess. I’m working on this with a really strict diet of fruits and vegetable since I seem to be sensitive to everything I eat. Update: It is a lot calmer, but I am still always bloated. I still feel like I am wearing an inter-tube around my waist. Enemas help a little.

Back/Shoulder Pain: I have always had a pain in my shoulder blades and part of my back that I’m told are related to my thyroid and digestion. Update: They still always hurt.

Sigmoid colon/ovary pain: it used to be an unbearable, stabbing pain, especially when PMSing. The Pain went down a lot after the herbal protocol. I have used a Zapper for years which helps take the edge off. Update: It’s even better!

Left Quadricep Pain: This pain relates to my sigmoid colon/ovary pain I’ve always had on my left side. Update: It still hurts, but it’s not unbearable like it used to be.

Lower back pain on left side: Same as above.

Nerve Pain: goes up my arms and back and get hot patches, especially in the morning. Update: I still get it, but it’s getting better.

Morning Pain: I feel like a giant is stepping on me. I used to be stressed about having to get up early wondering how I would deal with the pain. Result: that feels better. I still get nerve pain as mentioned. I can get up much better than I used to.

Energy/Vitality: I’m tired. Update: I’m still tired. My body is doing a lot of work to heal. I feel my mitochondria poop out on me!

Shortness of Breath: Always feel like breath can’t get past my chest and an elephant is sitting on me. Update: Still feel this way, although at first it felt more at peace.

Period: Can really dark/depressed/bitchy the day before. Update: I was shocked when I got it and had not gone through those feelings. That was great progress. Everyone was on my nerves the following days though!

Sympathetic Nervous System: I always feel like I’m in fight-or-flight mode. Update: the butterflies in my stomach are not as bad. I am really jumpy though.

I forgot to mention brain fog and recall! It’s getting better (ignore that I FORGOT to mention that! Haha)! I feel a little more with it. I still have trouble writing. A lot of the time, I feel like I can not form letters correctly. Weird.

Bonus! I never realized I did not have full motion in my neck. I turned my next one day and was like “wow! I can turn my head and look over my shoulder now"!”.

Herxheimer Reaction: this is when you have die off and feel kind of crappy. I was herxing the first few weeks in my knees and ankles. I could barely walk after sitting for awhile, but it went away!

Next: I’m meeting with a friend who is an intuitive to see if she has insight of where to go with this next. I really feel I need energy work. I still feel a weight on me which could just me emotional stuff. I would love a PEMF mat to recharge my mitochondria, but it’s not in the budget right now.

Wishing you lots of health and happiness on your journey!

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