Starting my Road to Recovery

In my previous video and blog, I talked about about my health history so far. I'll give you a quick summary:

When I was 4, I had a mystery lump in my throat. As an adult I realized it was probably my thyroid throwing up its hands and saying "I quit". After years of eating terrible, crap hit the fan in my 20's. I blew up, was exhausted and sick. After a ridiculous amount of tests, my thyroid TSH (that measures your pituitary talking to your thyroid) was 365 where it should optimally be between 1-2. All of my organs needed support at some point. I figured out in 2016( I said 4 years ago, but it was 2) that it was Epstein Barr Virus after reading an article by the Medical Medium in Goop. This is my road to recovery....

When I went to visit my cousin in March of 2016, she mentioned recently going to see the Medical Medium with a friend who had been sick. I had never heard of him before and withing a very short time I had heard of him and Epstein-Barr Virus twice! I took it as a sign. I went to get muscle tested and it did turn out positive for a virus. I started a virus protocol with St. Johns Wort, immune support, Spleen desiccated, RNA for brain support and continued with adrenal support. I didn't see many changes. You may be wondering why I never got a blood test. I did not want to put the money into something that could be negative. If stealth pathogens are buried deep, tests may be negative.

In November of 2017, I tried a new herbal protocol by Mediherb for Stealth pathogens. It consists of Myrrh, Artemisinin (sweet wormwood and sarsaparilla) and Viranon (Thuja, St. Johns Wort and Licorice). You pulse dose these herbs (4 days on Myrrh and Artemisinin and 8 days on Viranon only). I actually had some progress! The pain in my ovary/sigmoid colon was reduced about 80%. My goiter went down by an inch! My digestion improved slightly. I knew I was on the right path!

In May of 2018, a friend posted on Facebook that her husband was treated for Epstein Barr  Virus and a big part of that healing was UBI/O3 (Ultra-Violet Blood Irradiation/Ozone) therapy (here is their story). Unfortunately, it is not available in Charleston, SC where I live. I found a place two hours away, in Myrtle Beach, to do it. First they wanted a consultation, blood work and a live blood analysis.

The Live Blood Analysis was first. I have seen it before, but never had it done myself and I have to say…It's pretty cool (despite all of the claims of “quackery” on the internet)! They prick your finger and blot the blood on two slides.

One slide is going to magnetize the blood 1000x. This inflammation marker showed my blood as clumpy, called rouleau (stacked RBC’s) and aggregation (blood sludge), instead of nice and round indicating that I am not digesting my food and that I’m enzyme deficient. I also had fibrin formations indication inflammation or liver imbalance.

The other one is the dry layer oxidative stress test magnetizing the blood 100x. A drop of blood is placed on the slide in a series of layers. The layers must dry before viewing them. The test shows free radical activity and the damage it has done to the cells and the cellular matrix. “Water soluble fragments, fragments of this matrix get into the blood stream, and then alters the blood clotting cascade. With that done, we find that blood does not coagulate perfectly. This is one mechanism for altering “normal” blood pattern” - Biomedx

Your blood should be tightly connected with black connecting lines and uniform in coagulation. My blood had lots of puddle of white (polymerized protein puddles) meaning free radical/oxidative stress, dark areas in the middle indicating stagnant digestion, white lines bolting though indicating mineral deficiency, heavy metals shown as “lead bullets” on the outskirts and there were some parasite floating around in there too. Her recommendations were: digestive enzymes, minerals, antioxidants, coffee enemas which I started doing all of these (some I already was). Other recommendation I am not doing because I simply can’t afford to do everything: PEMF, Vibe plate/rebounder (I got rid of mine a few months ago), colonics, Photon Genius and ALCAT test.

The blood tests were positive for Epstein-Barr Virus (I knew it!) EBV Ab VCA, IgG shows you are in the throws of it or it has recently been active. Positive is greater than 1 and mine was 7.9. EBV Nuclear Antigen Ab IgG shows infection sometime in the past. Positive is 1 and I was 7.8. I wonder what the levels were before I did the herbal virus protocol?!

To get control of the EBV, I am doing the UBI/O3 therapy mentioned above. It’s a therapy where about 30-40cc of blood is taken out and mixed with saline, the RN injects it with ozone (O3), the blood and ozone goes through the ultraviolet blood irradiation machine and then back into me. This boosts the immune system. I also use lemon balm and rotate whole food supplements to boost my immune system.

Serum Vitamin D was very low at 28L (optimal is 50-70 and to treat cancer is 70-100). I’m taking a D3/K2 liquid supplement to boost it. I’m honestly not a fan of taking mega doses, but I will until my body reaches some balance. Levels should normalize and if not, then I need to investigate what else could be causing Low D.

DHEA high 288 (range is 35-256). High cortisol could cause this and I have had a stressful year, not to mention my body is ALWAYS under stress. I’m going to give this time and keep supporting my adrenals.

Human sex hormone binding globulin is high at 168 (range is 20-130). I’m doing the Standard Process 28-day Detox now which should help my liver. I’d prefer to revisit all the hormones and cortisol with a saliva or dried urine test instead of serum.

My hematocrit and LDL were slightly high too. I’m not doing anything for that, except continue working on finding balance.

My TSH was now Low at .063 (range 1-2). I take a high does of Nature Thyroid, so I cut that in half. Of course, Nature Thyroid is on indefinite back order, so I’m taking Thyrovanz which is bovine instead of porcine. My body doesn’t do as well with this. I have to play with doses until I feel good (too much and my heart flutters, not enough and crazy muscles lock up( It’s beyond a cramp). Good times….

In addition to taking supplements and staying on a strict diet of fruits and vegetables. I am practicing Transformational Breathing, yoga with Boho Beautiful, lots of walking, some exercise, community acupuncture at Modern Acupuncture.

Pictures include

  • Several of the live blood analysis 1000x and 100x magnified. The last picture of the live analysis is the “Lead Bullet” which is something heavy that goes towards the edges, like heavy metal. Looks like an alien to me!

  • My Supplements: Enzymes, minerals, lemon balm, adrenal tonic, SP Detox Balance, D3/K2, Cataplex B and Drenamin (for adrenals). You can get them through your holistic health care professional.

  • That’s me having the UBI/O3 treatment. My first one! It goes pretty quick.