30-Day Arm Challenge! (1).png

30-day free Upgrade Your Life challenge with the focus on ARMS!
This is for any level. Those just starting out…I have modifications!
1. To get you moving.
2. Clean up your diet.
3. Have a group so we can encourage each other!
4. Be in a better place in 30 days and ready for the next challenge.

How it works:
- You will be encouraged to do push-ups every day, they can be modified on a wall, countertop or your knees. My video shows you the options. Do as many as you can at one time and do them several times per day. See if you can add one or more each day!
- Move your whole body…walking is fine or take it up a notch or two. Find a way to move your body and let us know what you did!
- I will post videos (daily hopefully) of variations to push-ups as well as more exercises for your arms.

- Base your meals around colorful vegetables and leafy greens. Have them raw, baked, stir-fried, in a salad or a smoothie.
- Enjoy fruit for snacks and in smoothies.
- Everything else is a condiment…meat, cheese, grains, rice, legumes.
- Drink lots of water, have lemon in it, drink coconut water to stay hydrated.

- Join the private Facebook group: Upgrade Your Life.
- Share your accomplishments and offer others support and encouragement.

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