The Program

The Program


Upgrade Your Life: Mind, Body and Nutrition is an introduction to become to the best version of you!

Upgrade Your Life Program includes 3 PDF’s: the Program, Details and The State of Our Health.

The sections are also separate in case it’s easier for you to look at them like that.

**Download it right away! It expires in 24 hours.**

Read Start Here first for instructions.

Upgrade Your Life is a downloadable program that you do on your own. It includes:

·      Start with Upgrade Your Life Program: a 90+ page guide separated into sections: Prep Phase, Mind, Body and Nutrition. In those sections, you have menus, check lists and guides to help you navigate a healthier life.

·     Goal worksheet and Goal Tracker.
·     Weekly Planner and Journal.    

·      Printable Shopping lists for Phase 1, 2, 3 and Lifestyle and what to stock up on.

·     Cooking tips, recipes, do not buy list, tips on when, what and how much to eat.

·      6 workouts plus a warm-up and stretch and Assessment workout.
·      Monthly tracker to track your fitness and measurements.

·   At the end of the Program are examples of 9 weeks to show you how to put it all together.

·      Details is a separate PDF that accompanies the Program. In the 50+ pages, you will find Details goes into greater Detail on all aspects of the program to keep you well informed. Read it before you get started and refer to it when you have questions.

·      Bonus: State of Our Health-Why is a 30+ page PDF which goes through many reasons why the health in our country (and the world) is declining and what you can do stop the health epidemics unnecessarily taking lives of our loved ones and diminishing the quality of life for others.

·      We will have a private Facebook group so we can all share inspiration and successes, as well as cheer everyone on. Stay tuned!

·      Helpful resources are on my Pinterest, Instagram (#upgradethc), YouTube, Amazon(still working on this), Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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