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Get Healthy!

Upgrade Your Life.
Mind * Body * Nutrition

The program focuses on Mind, Body and Nutrition and works on making lifelong healthy habits that work for your own individual body. The goal is to cut out the crap and flood your life with nourishment!
Here’s what you get:
  • Get Healthy Program is a 60-page guide separated into sections: Program Summary, Mind, Body and Nutrition. Get Healthy has menus for Phases 1,2 and 3 to create habits and really learn what works best with your body. Finally, keep going with the Lifestyle phase.
  • Printable Shopping lists for Phase 1, 2, 3 and Lifestyle
  • Health History, Symptom and Toxic Tracker Forms are provided for you so that we can see your history, goals, symptoms. These will get you thinking and will also track your progress. We want to see these symptoms go away.
  • Goal worksheet and Goal Tracker
  • Stress Worksheet
  • Daily and weekly planners
  • Monthly tracker to track your fitness and measurements 
  • Bonus: State of Our Health is a 32-page E-book going through all the reasons the health in our country (and the world) is declining and what you can do stop the health epidemics unnecessarily taking lives of our loved ones and diminishing the quality of life for others.
  • I have created a private Facebook group so we can all share inspiration and successes, as well as cheer everyone on.
  • Helpful resources are on my Pinterest, Instagram (#gethealthyhc), YouTube, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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Why the Emphasis on Healthy when everyone else is focusing on skinny and weight loss?

You can be skinny, but not healthy.  You can lose weight, but not learn how to make it a lifestyle.

Nothing matters more than your health.  Ask someone who has an incurable illness or who lost a loved one.  How would a heart attack or stroke change your life and those around you?

Health Matters Most.
When you are healthy, you are:

  • At a healthy weight
  • Feeling confident
  • Having energy to get through your day
  • Feeling like you can accomplish anything
  • Radiant, from the inside out
  • Living life, instead of watching it go by

Being Healthy will bring more life to your years.

You will live longer and better, enjoying every second.

That’s not just a gift to you, but also to all those who love you.

Aren’t they worth it too?

Think it’s too hard?  Don’t like change?  That’s your choice.

If you want things in your life to change…you must make changes.

YOU have to DECIDE.
YOU have to DO IT.

I am here to guide you, support you and make it easier for you!

Now that you know what health is, let’s talk about it’s NOT:

  • Counting grams of this and that for eternity
  • Spending hours in the kitchen
  • Eating bland and boring foods
  • Deprivation
  • Perfection

Are you ready to FOCUS on being the BEST YOU can be?

Maybe your goal is to:

  • Get into your skinny jeans
  • Do great on your next physical
  • Tone up and slim down
  • Get ready for pregnancy
  • Ditch the unnecessary meds
  • Strut your stuff at the beach
  • Be at peace with yourself

Whatever your goal is, there is only one way to achieve it…

You have to GET STARTED!

The Holistic Chick’s Get Healthy Program is here to guide you step-by-step.

GET HEALTHY: Mind * Body * Nutrition


What does your mind have to do with getting healthy?  EVERYTHING!

If you have not made up your mind, you will make excuses.

If you don’t keep a positive mindset, you will not keep on the right track.

If you DO nourish your mind, your body will be nourished and happy too!


Move your body in a way that you love, and it will love you back!

We will set up a realistic goals for you to get moving every week.

To make sure that you are:

  • working your heart
  • strengthening your body
  • stretching your muscles
  • and mastering balance

…we have workouts for you on The Holistic Chick YouTube Channel

Also, check out The Holistic Chick Pinterest to vary your workouts.


You are individual and what works for someone else may not work for you.

Finding out what works for you is key for long-term health.

This is not a diet, so no deprivation, no tasteless food and no worries.

You are going to start with a clean slate to:

  • Stabilize blood sugar
  • Kick start metabolism
  • Find out what foods work best with your body
  • We will re-introduce common allergy causing foods allowing us see what your body thrives with.

Learn how easy it is to eat healthy with recipes and ideas for what to have in your home.

Feed your mind. Tone your muscles. Nourish your body.
With The Holistic Chick’s GET HEALTHY program.

Get started NOW! Purchase the Get Healthy Program here.