We Have Bigger Problems than the Measles!

People are getting so upset about the measles. Screaming at each other…you should…you shouldn’t…it’s your fault…no, it’s yours…blah. Everyone just chill out! Focus your energy into giving YOUR family the best opportunities for health instead of the one pointing fingers (you’re putting way too much bad juju out there…Stop It!).

 To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?

I 100% understand why people do.

I 100% understand why people do not.

This is a personal choice that hopefully everyone is exhaustively researching before they do it.

So many people are negatively affected by vaccines…life-changing, horrible negative effects. It’s real and terrifying. Before you judge, know what someone has been through.

 Are you truly being preventive?

If you vaccinate, it’s to prevent from a certain disease or virus. If you want to really be preventive, you have to do a hell of a lot more than a vaccine. In this day of age with all the chemicals, viruses, heavy metals we have floating around, our bodies are burdened and need to be constantly worked on. I ask you to look at the examples below to evaluate how much you are doing for prevention:

You and your family are eating tons of fruits and vegetables every day and other REAL food OR You eat a lot of or mostly processed and packed stuff.

Drink water and herbal teas OR Juice boxes, soft drinks, sports drinks, pasteurized milk or alcohol all or most of the time.

Take the time to breathe, relax and check in with your body OR Always stressed out. Don’t breathe deep. Clench your hands and jaw.

Use natural ingredients on your body and to clean your house OR Use the chemical, brightly colored cleaning and body stuff with a huge ingredient list.

Go for walks and move your body OR Sit all the time looking at screens.

Get to the root of your health problems OR Take a bunch of synthetic based meds for life.

Volunteer, help others OR Smoke, drink excessively or other destructive habits.

If you fall on the right side of “OR” for any of the questions above, you need to stopping judging others and start working on upgrading your health and habits.

 Being preventative and ultimately healthy is a multi-dimensional approach. It takes consistently and is so easy once you’ve made some new habits.


With over 80,000 known chemicals allowed, with no studies on how they interact with each other, you better be sure as shit that you need to be extremely proactive in keeping your body cleaned out and nourished.

 Here are some statistics I want you to think about. Staggering statistics that are making a good deal of the population extremely sick and many are dying.  Every year things just keep getting worse:

6 in 10 adults have chronic disease and 4 of 10 have 2 or more.

7 out of 10 people in US die from chronic disease. THIS IS STUPID! They are preventable and reversible.

Chronic diseases include:

-          Alzheimer’s Disease

-          Arthritis

-          Breast Cancer

-          Cervical Cancer

-          Colorectal (Colon) Cancer

-          Diabetes

-          Epilepsy

-          Gynecologic Cancer

-          Heart Disease

-          High Blood Pressure

-          Lupus

-          Multiple Chronic Conditions

-          Obesity

-          Prediabetes

-          Skin Cancer (toxic sunscreens are not the solutions)

-          Stroke

-          Tooth Decay

-          Type 2 Diabetes

 You may have been told you can not reverse or prevent these, but you can with most. You have to get to the root of the problem.

CDC says it is because of: tobacco use, poor nutrition, second hand smoke, lack of physical activity and excessive alcohol use. What The CDC is missing is: virus (like Epstein-Barr), heavy metals, mold, parasites, chemical exposure, micro plastic build-up…burdened bodies.

 CDC also says that 90% of the nation’s $3.3 trillion in annual health care expenditures are for people with chronic and mental health conditions.

 ***THIS is what should be causing action and getting people fired up to make changes!***

Here’s hoping that our nation and world wake up to the fact that there are huge problems impacting our health and decide to WORK TOGETHER to create the most pleasant place for our kids and future generations to enjoy.

 Eat real food, drink mostly water, move your body, cleanse your body out a few times a year, breathe deep several times per day, build up your immune system naturally and lift people up instead of pointing fingers and dragging them down.

 BE the light that shines bright!