Home Workouts: Get Started with these Products!

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I love to be able to workout anytime and anywhere I want...and I do!

Of course, you do not need anything but your body weight to get a great workout in, but it's fun and effective to have a variety of tools to work out with. Start creating your own home gym with some of my favorite equipment below.

1. A must have are free weights/dumbbells. Buy a few different weights. I recommend starting with 3, 5 and 8 lbs or go a little heavier with 5, 8 and 10 lbs. Don’t be afraid to go heavy! 

  • Purchase dumbbells Here on Amazon. The link sends you to the set, but you can also purchase them separately on the same page. Join The Holistic Chick Weight Workouts on YouTube.

2. TRX is a home gym working on the entire body with your own body weight. Gold's Gym has a similar product that you can use in a door way for a fraction of the cost (that's the one I use).

  • Purchase TRX Here or Gold's Gym Here on Amazon or find it at your local Walmart. Join The Holistic Chick TRX style Workouts on YouTube.

3. Loop bands give you a deceivingly hard work out (I call them my ‘little bands of torture’). Use them for resistance on your arms, above your ankles or above your knees.

  • Purchase Loop Bands and sliders Here on Amazon. Join The Holistic Chick loop band workouts on YouTube.

4. Have Sliders for carpets or a towel for the hardwood floors for a fun total body workout.

  • Purchase Loop Bands and sliders Here on Amazon. Join The Holistic Chick slider workouts on YouTube.

5. Kettlebell workouts get your heart pumping and build strength. Go a little heavier with a kettlebell (15-40 lbs depending on your level).

  • Purchase Kettlebells Here on Amazon.

If you have just one or all of these workout tools, you will have a great variety of workouts to choose from! 

YouTube workouts are posted above. There are also workouts on my Pinterest page and on the private FB page when you purchase my Upgrade Your Life Program or work with me.