Intuitive Guidance

This morning was so exciting! I finally made an appointment with the Beautiful and Talented Rebecca Jones Intuitive. We have known each other for years and having an angel card reading is one of those things I just never got around to. After having success with figuring out I have Epstein-Barr through the Medical Medium (and then confirmed with blood tests), why wouldn’t I take the next step with an intuitive (being that she’s one of my favorite people sweetens the deal!).

First, I chose a cute little card out of a box. I picked “Resilience”. This choked me up a little. It has taken a lot of resilience to get through many of life’s obstacles, especially when it comes to my health, and be able to get back up and keep going. That was a great way to start. (And to make a note, thank you Rebecca, for taking the blank card out. That would have really freaked me out to get blank card!)

 I wish I took better notes or had a photographic memory, but these are the notes I took, some during and some after:

Before we really started, she said she could feel something on the heart and she could hardly breathe. I feel bad that she is literally feeling my pain. Yes, that is exactly what I’m feeling and I’m not sure if it physical or emotional or both, but it’s heavy on me and she picked it up right away. It also has to do with my thyroid trying to find a balance.

The first set of cards she laid out showed a lot of healing! Wow, how good is she?!

I am in the middle of major changes and healing to break through to another level of health (somewhere I’ve never been). This was actually the main reason I wanted to see her…to get clarity and guidance on the path I am on and where to go next. I was very excited to notice the Angels recognized my efforts and the fact that it was “healing”, rather than “sickness” makes me feel like a hopeful Rockstar!

 To go along with that, an exercise card came up. I have been very light on my regular interval workouts because I do not have the energy or the breath. I have incorporated yoga (Boho Beautiful) and I always walk a lot too.

 There were about 9 cards, I don’t remember what the others were for, except one was about a new family member or something. I hope that is referring to my dog! Mark needs to go make sure his snip, snip is still in check (TMI?!). Rebecca also referred to spending quality time, maybe with the boys. I was supposed to have a weekend at Appalachian State with Jake, my 18 year old, so he could tour the school at their open house. I was REALLY looking forward to it, but he cancelled because it’s his high school’s homecoming (and yes, he should have looked at that before I spent hours making plans!). Again, maybe it’s quality time with the dog. Even better would be quality time with some special family members in California and PA. I’m looking to plan our girl’s weekend, so that would make sense (trying to figure it out as I type!).

 In another set of cards, she saw a lot of 8’s. It could mean 8 more UBI sessions (which is not going to happen, I have 1 more left), 8 more months of healing, maybe it was the number on my EBV result, 7.8? I started the UBI in the 8th month in 2018. It’s September now, maybe I’ll be feeling amazing come 8 months in May? Just in time for my birthday!

 Massage card ~ this makes a lot of sense because I’m always (since I was little) dreaming of a deep, deep massage on my shoulders and back which always hurt.

I feel I need emotional/energy work and she agreed. I have a lot of past issues and feelings that need to be addressed and let go. In addition to the energy work (I have made an appointment with a master reiki practitioner), I will work on all my chakras in meditation. The throat chakra especially needs to be released as it is a repression of energy. Since I always “feel” a strain on my throat/thyroid and I am exhausted after talking to people, this makes total sense. I have done this a little in the past but will make it a daily priority.

 I asked about a healing center I would love to open (eventually). I imagine a place for people to come that is so loving and filled with beautiful energy. I dream of that they feel better just walking in the door. It looks like this can be in my future if I keep working towards it and team up with the right people!

 Isis Card ~ this is a past life karma card. This does not surprise me, but definitely fascinates me. Hopefully when I get my energy work done, we can work on clearing this.

 Money Card ~ I asked if I will make money. As mentioned before, the life/health obstacles have stood in the way. Energy, time and confidence and have not been on my side. The money card is a good sign!

She also said something about doing Interior Design, which is what I have a Bachelor’s in. I guess it’s still in my blood!

This session really eased my mind, which is so important for healing. I am definitely energized from it too (which is saying A LOT!). Thank you, Rebecca,!