My First Reiki Session!

Energy work has been on my “you need to do this” list for a few years now. It seems silly when I say it out loud. Why do we hold ourselves back from what we know we need? I do admit that I am overwhelmed by how many different types of energy work there are. I finally made an appointment with Maureen at Joti Reiki after Rebecca Jones Intuitive recommended her.

Maureen welcomed me with a hug and I instantly felt comfortable with her. First thing I did was choose an angel card and she read me the very fitting description. Of course,  I have forgotten which card I pulled (I think it was “Enlightenment”). We talked about some of the reasons I was there. I shared some things that might be holding me back in life. She explained what reiki was all about and I was shocked to learn how deep it really goes. We were then ready to go into her room for a 90-minute session! The first 30 minutes was a much needed massage to my back and neck. I have always had a lot of pain there. When I saw this was an option to do with the reiki, I decided to treat myself. I’m so glad I did! It was wonderful!

Now it was time for the reiki session and I really was not sure what to expect. Maureen kept me comfortable with a lavender eye pillow and I stayed on the already toasty table. I instantly felt sensations going down my legs as soon as she started. She would hover over an area for a while. I could feel jumps and pings and energy going through. I tried to keep my concentration on where I felt the energy, so my mind would not wonder too far. I almost fell asleep sever times but jumped every time which woke me back up. I could feel my heart jump and flutter too! As I did that, I realized words where coming to my mind, so I tried to remember what they were to see where my subconscious is lingering.

We talked about the session after. It’s interesting that both Maureen and Rebecca mentioned my throat chakra and finding my voice. I have always had many problems with my throat (sore throats, thyroid, swollen glands, laryngitis, “lump” in my throat when I was 4) and reflects being stuck in certain aspects of my life that I need to find a voice for.

My lungs, which hold grief, were intense, as she explained. This made sense since I feel like I always have an elephant sitting on me. I have trouble breathing which was greatly improved after this session ! I also found a blog with breathing exercises and visuals to use. After doing them, my shoulders came back, opening my chest. Amazing!

Maureen has thought of every detail to make your experience relaxing, enjoyable to all the senses, comfortable and effective. Thank you for the wonderful experience, Maureen!

Update: I went back again almost 5 month later (why do I wait so long?!). This session was very different, focusing more on the solar plexus and crown chakras. I was very out of it when we were done. I felt a little dizzy and spacey, but peaceful. Another session and another amazing experience! The benefits will continue to shine through over the next few days.