Reflect and Plan Free Downloads

Reflect and Plan Free Downloads


I have made some worksheets for you and your family to list your goals for the New Year. The Year in Review is to reflect on the previous year. Have fun reflecting on the previous year’s high points, entertainment, vacations and even low points. Even better, keep track of these moments throughout the year so you do not miss anything.

Sit down and as a family talk about goals you would like to achieve and how you will work towards them. Here are some ideas:

What do you want to achieve? Do better? Do more of? Do less of? Start a new hobby or learn something new? New career plans? Vacations? Health goals? What will you do to make your life easier? What will you do to improve your mind, body and nutrition? Who do you want to connect with this year? What will you do to improve your finances/savings?

Please share your goals on the Private Upgrade Your Life Facebook Page (if you have purchased the Upgrade Your Life Program) or hashtag #theholisticchick

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