Road to Recovery Update #2

Searching for better health and answers has been a 20-year endeavor. My NEW road to recovery started in August 2018. I came up with goals when I got started. Here are my second update of goals and updates from October 9th, 2018 (if any).

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Tina Jackson
Advice from mom on sex

Three teenage boys in the house. We have had the sex discussion before, but now it’s getting real. I do not want them jumping into anything, but at the same time, I want them to know they ALWAYS need a condom. There were a few other things I thought they should know too. Below are mom’s advice to her (my) teenage sons in a box of condoms:

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My First Reiki Session!

Energy work has been on my “you need to do this” list for a few years now. It seems silly when I say it out loud. Why do we hold ourselves back from what we know we need? I do admit that I am overwhelmed by how many different types of energy work there are. I finally made an appointment with Maureen at Joti Reiki after Rebecca Jones Intuitive recommended her in my session with her.

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